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Below are a list of publications where neutron scattering data played an important role in the acceptance of the paper and a Taiwanese affiliated investigator was a co-author. In Bold are the Taiwan based scientists a star marks the corresponding author and the neutron source used (if known) is marked in green.
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1Intrinsic Magnetic Moments of Gold Nanoparticles
C. Y. Li, C. M. Wu, S. K. Karna, C. W. Wang, D. Hsu, C. J. Wang, and W. H. Li*
Phys. Rev. B. 83, 174446 (2011). ANSTO (IF=3.774)
2Magnetic Correlations in HoxTb2-xTi2O7
L. J. Chang*, W. Schweika, J Perßon, T. Brückel, H. C. Yang, Y. Y. Chen, and J. S. Gardner
Phys. Rev. B 83, 144413 (2011). JAEA (IF=3.774)
3The Temperature Evolution of the Magnetic Correlations in Pure and Diluted Spin Ice Ho2-xYxTi2O7
L. J. Chang*, Y. Su, Y. J. Kao, Y. Z. Chou, K. Kakurai, R. Mittal, H. Schneider, T. Brückel, G. Balakrishnan, and M. R. Lees
Physica B 406, 2393 (2011). JAEA/ FRM II (IF=0.856)
4Hydrogen Spillover Effect of Pt-doped Activated Carbon Studied by Inelastic Neutron Scattering
C. S. Tsao, Y. Liu, H. Y. Chuang, H. H. Tseng, T. Y. Chen, C. H. Chen, M. S. Yu, Q. Li, A. D. Luekingm, and S. H. Chen*
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2, 2322 (2011). NIST (IF=6.213)
5Density Hysteresis of Heavy Water Confined in a Nanoporous Silica Matrix
Y. Zhang, A. Faraone, W. A. Kamitakahara, K. H. Liu, C. Y. Mou, J. B. Leão, S. Chang, and S. H. Chen*
P. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 108, 12206 (2011). NIST (IF=9.771)
6Surface and Interface Porosity of Polymer/Fullerene-derivative Thin Films Revealed by Contrast Variation of Neutron and X-ray Reflectivity
H. J. Liu, U. S. Jeng*, N. L. Yamada, A. C. Su, W. R. Wu, C. J. Su, S. J. Lin, K. H. Wei, and M. Y. Chiu
Soft Matter 7, 9276 (2011). J-PARC (IF=4.457)
7Carboxylic Acid-directed Clustering and Dispersion of ZrO2 Nanoparticles in Organic Solvents: A Study by Small-Angle X-ray/Neutron Scattering and NMR
S. H. Wang, Y. S. Sun*, A. S. T. Chiang, H. F. Hung, M. C. Chen, and K. Wood
J. Phys. Chem. C 115, 11941 (2011). ANSTO (IF=4.524)
8Interplay between the Crystalline and Magnetic Structures in BiOCu0.94S
S. K. Karna, C. M. Wu, C. W. Wang, D. Hsu, C. J. Wang, W. H. Li*, R. Shankar, and F. C. Chou
J. Phys. Soc. JPN. 80, SB011 (2011). NIST (IF=2.090)
9Neutron Diffraction Study of the Mn Spin Correlations in Bi0.46Ca0.54Mn0.95Cr0.05O3
C. H. Lee, C. M. Wu, D. Hsu, C. W. Wang, C. J. Wang, W. H. Li*, C. C. Yan, J. Sun, and J. W. Lynn
J. Phys. Soc. JPN. 80, SB013 (2011). ANSTO (IF=2.905)
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