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Below are a list of publications where neutron scattering data played an important role in the acceptance of the paper and a Neutron group member was a co-author. In Bold are the Taiwan based scientists a star marks the corresponding author and the neutron source used (if known) is marked in green.
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1Antiferromagnetic spin structure and negative thermal expansion of Li2Ni(WO4)2
Sunil K. Karna, C. W. Wang, R. Sankar, M. Avdeev, A. Singh, I. Panneer Muthuselvam, V. N. Singh, G. Y. Guo, and F. C. Chou​*
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 92, 014413 (2015)(IF:3.736) ANSTO (IF=3.813)
2Complex Magnetic Phases in Nanosized Core@Shell Prussian Blue Analogue Cubes: Rb0.48Co[Fe(CN)6]0.75[(H2O)6]0.25·0.34H2O@K0.36Ni[Cr(CN)6]0.74[(H2O)6]0.26·0.11H2O
Chi-Hung Lee, Chun-Ming Wu, Erdembayalag Batsaikhan, Hsiao-Chi Li, Carissa H. Li, Marcus K. Peprah, Daniel R. Talham, Mark W. Meisel, and Wen-Hsien Li*
J. Phys. Chem. C 119, 29138−29147 (2015) (IF:4.772), ANSTO (IF=4.484)
3Spin Fluctuations from Hertz to Terahertz on a Triangular Lattice
Yusuke Nambu*, Jason S. Gardner, Douglas E. MacLaughlin, Chris Stock, Hitoshi Endo, Seth Jonas, Taku J. Sato, Satoru Nakatsuji, and Collin Broholm
PRL 115, 127202 (2015) (IF:7.512) JRR-3, NCNR (IF=8.839)
4Study of magnetic domain dynamics using nonlinear magnetic responses: Magnetic diagnostics of the itinerant magnet MnP
M. Mito, H. Matsui, K. Tsuruta, H. Deguchi, J.-I. Kishine, K. Inoue, Y. Kousaka, S.-I. Yano, Y. Nakao, and J. Akimitsu, J.
JPSJ 84 104707 (2015) (IF=0.000)
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