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Below are a list of publications where neutron scattering data played an important role in the acceptance of the paper and a Neutron group member was a co-author. In Bold are the Taiwan based scientists a star marks the corresponding author and the neutron source used (if known) is marked in green.
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1Long-range Antiferromagnetic Order in the Frustrated XY Pyrochlore Antiferromagnet Er2Ge2O7
X. Li, W. M. Li, K. Matsubayashi, Y. Sato, C. Q. Jin, Y. Uwatoko, T. Kawae, A. M. Hallas, C. R. Wiebe, A. M. Arevalo-Lopez, J. P. Attfield, J. S. Gardner, R. S. Freitas, H. D. Zhou, and J.-G. Cheng
Phys. Rev. B 89, 064409 (2014). (IF:3.664) (IF=3.664)
2Chemical Pressure Effects on Magnetism in the Quantum Spin Liquid Candidates Yb2X2O7 (X = Sn, Ti, Ge)
Z. L. Dun, M. Lee, E. S. Choi, A. M. Hallas, C. R. Wiebe, J. S. Gardner, E. Arrighi, R. S. Freitas, A. M. Arevalo-Lopez, J. P. Attfield, H. D. Zhou, and J. G. Cheng
Phys. Rev. B 89, 064401 (2014). (IF:3.664) (IF=3.664)
3Short-range Magnetic Correlations in the Highly Correlated Electron Compound CeCu4 Ga
B. G. Ueland*, C. F. Miclea, K. Gofryk, Y. Qiu, F. Ronning, R. Movshovich, E. D. Bauer, J. S. Gardner, and J. D. Thompson
Phys. Rev. B 90, 121109(R) (2014) NIST (IF=3.813)
4Real-time Investigation on the Influences of Vanadium Additives to the Structural and Chemical State Evolutions of Lifepo4 for Enhancing the Electrochemical Performance of Lithium-ion Battery
C. W. Hu, T. Y. Chen, K. S. Shih, P. J. Wu, H. C. Su, C. Y. Chiang, A. F. Huang, H. W. Hsieh, C. C. Chang, B. Y. Shew, and C. H. Lee*
J. Power Sources 270, 449 (2014). ANSTO (IF=6.686)
5Photoluminescence Tuning via Cation Substitution in Oxonitridosilicate Phosphors: DFT Calculations, Different Site Occupations, and Luminescence Mechanisms
Guogang Li, Chun Che Lin, Wei-Ting Chen, Maxim S. Molokeev, Victor V. Atuchin, Chang-Yang Chiang, Wuzong Zhou, Chin-Wei Wang, Wen-Hsien Li, Hwo-Shuenn Sheu, Ting-Shan Chan, Chonggeng Ma, and Ru-Shi Liu*
Chem. Mater. 26, 2991−3001 (2014) NIST (IF=9.890)
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