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Below are a list of publications where neutron scattering data played an important role in the acceptance of the paper and a Neutron group member was a co-author. In Bold are the Taiwan based scientists a star marks the corresponding author and the neutron source used (if known) is marked in green.
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1Real-time Investigation of the Structural Evolution of Electrodes in a Commercial Lithium-ion Battery Containing a V-added LiFePO4 Cathode Using In-situ Neutron Powder Diffraction
C. W. Hu, N. Sharma, C. Y. Chiang, H. C. Su*, V. K. Peterson, H. W. Hsieh, Y. F. Lin, W. C. Chou, B. Y. Shew, and C. H. Lee
J. Power Sources 244, 158 (2013). ANSTO (IF=4.675)
2Complex Magnetic Couplings in Co3TeO6
C. W. Wang, C. H. Lee, C. Y. Li, C. M. Wu, W. H. Li*, C. C. Chou, H. D. Yang, J. W. Lynn, Q. Huang, A. B. Harris, and H. Berger
Phys. Rev. B 88, 184427 (2013). NIST/ANSTO (IF=3.767)
3A Detailed Study of the Magnetic Phase Transition in CuCrO2
G. Ehlers*, A. A. Podlesnyak, M. Frontzek, R. S. Freitas, L. Ghivelder, J. S. Gardner, S. V. Shiryaev, and S. BariloG
J. Phys.-Condens. Mat. 25, 4960009 (2013). NIST/ORNL (IF=2.355)
4Large Magnetoresistance and Charge Transfer between the Conduction and Magnetic Electrons in Layered Oxyselenide BiOCu0.96Se
S. K. Karna, C. H. Hung, C. M. Wu, C. W. Wang, W. H. Li*, R. Sankar, F. C. Chou
Dalton T. 42, 15581 (2013). ANSTO (IF=3.806)
5Unusually Large Magnetic Moments in the Normal State and Superconducting State of Sn Nanoparticles
C. H. Hung, C. H. Lee, C. K. Hsu, C. Y. Li, S. K. Karna, C. W. Wang, C. M. Wu, and W. H. Li*
J. Nanopart. Res. 15, 1905 (2013). ANSTO (IF=2.175)
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