Neutron Group

To provide Taiwanese users a world-class neutron experimental facility, National Science Council (NSC) funded the construction of a cold neutron triple-axis spectrometer, which is carried out by National Central University. The Taiwan-Australian neutron instrument SIKA is located at Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO), near Sydney, Australia. NSRRC took over the instrument in 2013 and has since commissioned the instrument and introduced it into the international user program. NSRRC is also responsible for the promotion of neutron research and user cultivation in Taiwan. Below is a link to the first annual report of the neutron program. This will hopefully stimulate many to think about using neutrons for their research in condensed matter.

The major tasks of Neutron Group are:

To run and maintain ANSTO-SIKA.

To provide experiment technique support to Taiwan users at ANSTO (Small angle neutron scattering, Power diffraction neutron scattering, Inelastic neutron scattering, etc.).

To execute Ministry of Science and Technology neutron cultivation program, review and provide finacial support to Taiwanese users to perform neutron experiments at ANSTO and other international neutron facilities.

To execute and broaden related scientific and technological applications of neutron scattering.

To promote the domestic neutron scattering research and cultivate the neutron users.

Group members

English NameJob Description
Shih-Chun ChungNeutron Group Leader
Chun-Ming WuSmall Angle Neutron Scattering instrument scientist
Jen-Chih PengDevelopment and maintenance of instrument control software
Chin-Wei WangPowder Diffraction Instrument Scientist
Shin-ichiro YanoTriple-axis spectrometer instrument scientist
Tzu-Yen HuangReflectometry instrument scientist
1The role of intrinsic stacking fault in facilitating the pressure-induced phase transition in CoCrFeMnNi high entropy alloys
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2Antiferromagnetic spin correlations above the bulk ordering temperature in NiO nanoparticles: Effect of extrinsic factors
Tai-Yue Li, Ming-Kang Ho, Tus-En Hsu, Hsin-Hao Chiu, Kuan-Ting Wu, Jen-Chih Peng, Chun-Ming Wu, Ting Shan Chan, B. Vijaya Kumar, P. Muralidhar Reddy, Shyue-Chu Ke, Chia-Liang Cheng, Ashish Chhaganlal Gandhi*, Sheng Yun Wu*
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3Non-conventional superconductivity in magnetic In and Sn nanoparticles
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