Below are a list of publications where neutron scattering data played an important role in the acceptance of the paper and a Taiwanese affiliated investigator was a co-author. In Bold are the Taiwan based scientists a star marks the corresponding author and the neutron source used (if known) is marked in green.

1*Unravelling thermal history during additive manufacturing of martensitic stainless steel
Hobyung Chae, E-Wen Huang*, Wanchuck Woo, Suk Hoon Kang, Jayant Jain, Ke An, Soo Yeol Lee*
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 857, 157555 (2021) SNS (IF=4.650)
2*Dual lattice incommensurabilities and enhanced lattice perfection by low-temperature thermal annealing in photoelectric (CH3NH3)PbBr3
Wen-Hsien Li,* Chi-Hung Lee, Tsu-Yin Ling, Ma-Hsuan Ma, Pai-Chun Wei, Jr-Hau He, Chun-Min Wu, Jen-Chih Peng, Guangyong Xu, Yang Zhao, and Jeffrey W. Lynn
Phys. Rev. M 5, 025401 (2021) ANSTO/NIST (IF=3.337)
3*Formulation of magnetic nanocomposites for intracellular delivery of micro-RNA for MYCN inhibition
Ndumiso Vukile Mdlovu, Kuen-Song Lin, Yun Chen, Chun-Ming Wu
Colloids and Surface A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 615, 126264 (2021) ANSTO (IF=3.990)
4*Study on the dynamics of a vanadium doped LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery using quasi-elastic neutron scattering technique
Chih-Wei Hu, Chih Hao-Lee, and pin-Jiun Wu
J Chin Chem Soc. 2021, 1-5 (2021) HMI (IF=1.210)
5*Charge transfer enhanced magnetic correlations in type‐II multiferroic Co3TeO6
Chi‐Hung Lee, Erdembayalag Batsaikhan, Ma‐Hsuan Ma, Wen‐Hsien Li*, Chin‐Wei Wang, Chun‐Min Wu, Hung‐Duen Yang, Jeffrey W. Lynn, and Helmuth Berger
Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 68, 395-402 (2021) NIST (IF=1.210)
6*Solid electrolyte interphase layer formation on mesophase graphite electrodes with different electrolytes studied by small-angle neutron scattering
C. M. Wu, L. Saravanan, H.-Y. Chen, P.-I. Pan, C.-S. Tsao, C.-C. Chang*
Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 68, 434-443 (2021) ANSTO (IF=1.210)
7*Molecular dynamics simulation combined with small-angle X-ray/neutron scattering defining solution-state protein structures
S.-W. Lin, K.-H. Su, Y.-Q. Yeh, U. S. Jeng, C. M. Wu, H.-C. Yang
Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 68, 403-408 (2021) ANSTO (IF=1.210)
8*Targeted delivery of LM22A-4 by cubosomes protects retinal ganglion cells in an experimental glaucoma model
Y. Ding, S. H. Chow, J. Chen, A. P. L. Brun, C. -M. Wu, A. P. Duff, Y. Wang, J. Song, J.-H. Wang, V. H. Y. Wong, D. Zhao, T. Nishimura, T,-H. Lee, C. E. Conn, H.-Y. Hsu, B. V. Bui, G.-S. Liu*, and H.-H. Shen*
Acta Biomaterialia 126, 433-444 (2021) ANSTO (IF=7.242)
9*Diatom-inspired self-assembly for silica thin sheets of perpendicular nanochannels
Yi-Qi Yeh, Chun-Jen Su, Chen-An Wang, Ying-Chu Lai, Chih-Yuan Tang, Zhenyu Di, Henrich Frielinghaus, An-Chung Su, U-Ser Jeng, Chung-Yuan Mou
J. Colloid Interf. Sci. 584, 647-659 (2020) MLZ (IF=7.489)