SIKA Project

Sika – Cold Neutron Triple-Axis Spectrometer
Instrument Scientists
Dr Shin-ichiro Yano
Dr Chun-Ming Wu
Dr Kirrily Rule
Dr Guochu Deng

Instrument Cabin Phone 
+61 2 9717 3728

SIKA—Taiwan First Cold Neutron Triple-Axis Spectrometer Built at OPAL

The construction project of the cold neutron, triple-axis spectrometer named SIKA was completed at the end of 2012.  In 2013, National Central University who lead the construction project handed over the instrument to the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center to lead the commissioning and user program.   In September 2014 we will have our first call for proposals, and officially open the instrument to domestic and international users.

SIKA is equipped with a large (230 x 252 mm2) double-focusing graphite monochromators to provide a large neutron flux on sample.  A 13 blade horizontal focusing graphite analyser combined with He-3 tube or a one-dimensional position sensitive detector (48 wires) provides for great flexibility on how the neutrons are detected.

The combination of high neutron flux, good energy and momentum resolution, low background and a large dynamic range will make SIKA ideally suited to study of spin and lattice dynamics, magnon and phonon dispersion relations in single crystal sample.  Relaxation phenomena, critical scattering, soft-modes, and relaxation-effects in complex fluids, magnetism, ionic conductors, catalysts, H storage and functional energy-related materials will also play an important role in the science output of SIKA.  


Instrument location:
>Cold-Neutron Beam-Tube CG4 in reactor beam hall
>Pyrolytic Graphite (002), double focusing, incident energy range 2.43 < Ei < 30 meV
Flux at sample position:
>Expected to be ~2.4 x108 n/cm2s at 2.1 Å 
(double focusing, virtual source width 5 cm)
Söller Collimators:
>Pre-monochromator, post-monochromator, pre-analyser collimators: open, 20’, 40’, 60’
>Pre-(single) detector collimators: open, 20’, 40’, 60’
>Pre-PSD collimator: radial collimator
Angular ranges:
>28.4o ≤ 2ΘM ≤ 120o
>-100o ≤ 2ΘS ≤ 100o
>-90o ≤ 2ΘA ≤ 90o
>Pyrolytic Graphite (002), 13 blades, each 20mm x 150mm (W x H), ±90˚ individually rotated
Available Filters:
>2 x PG filter
>Be filter works < 5 meV
>3He Single Detector
>1D Position Sensitive Detector (PSD)
1Antiferromagnetic spin correlations above the bulk ordering temperature in NiO nanoparticles: Effect of extrinsic factors
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