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國家同步輻射研究中心邀請friendly users申請2014年SIKA (冷中子三軸散射實驗站)中子實驗計畫,線上申請將於2014年11月21日23:59截止。

請用戶於User Portal (http://portal.nsrrc.org.tw/index.php) 線上申請,申請步驟詳附件(neutron proposal submission_step by step)。

B.請以英文填寫附件「NSRRC Neutron Research Proposal」,並存成PDF檔於【步驟四:計畫背景】中上傳。
C. Beam time將會安排在2015/02~2015/06。
D. 此次SIKA實驗計畫申請乃針對friendly users,亦即用戶可於實驗時觀看SIKA儀器科學家操作儀器,進行討論,但不得直接操作SIKA儀器。

為了讓中子經費能更有效的應用並支援更多的中子實驗,本期通過審核之中子實驗計畫將採用新的中子差旅補助辦法,詳細規則如附件Neutron Travel Rules。
詳細申請程序請參閱附檔(neutron proposal submission_step by step)及中子散射實驗補助用戶管理作業說明 (http://portal.nsrrc.org.tw/uao/Neutron/Regulation.php).

1.中子小組網站 : http://nsrrc.com/neutron/neutron_group/sika.php
2. ANSTO網站 : http://www.ansto.gov.au/ResearchHub/Bragg/Facilities/Instruments/Sika/index.htm

Dear Users,

SIKA (Cold Neutron Triple Axis Spectrometer) Call for Proposals is now open to friendly users. The deadline is 23:59, November 21st, 2014.

To submit your proposal, please go to User Portal at portal.nsrrc.org.tw. After login, please choose from the menu: Proposal  Neutron  Apply; then Follow the instructions and complete each step.

A. This call for proposals is identified as N-2014-3.
B. Please fill out the form of “NSRRC Neutron Research Proposal” (as attached) in English, save it as a PDF file, and upload it at STEP 4.
C. SIKA beamtime will be allocated between February and June, 2015.
D. This call for proposals is desinated for friendly users who will participate in the experiment by watching and discussing the scans and results with the local contact who performs the experiment. Friendly users are not allowed or expected to do any work by themselves.

For proposal submission procedure and related information, please see http://portal.nsrrc.org.tw/uao/Neutron/Regulation.php


More information on SIKA, please visit
1. Neutron Group website: http://nsrrc.com/neutron/neutron_group/sika.php
2. ANSTO website: http://www.ansto.gov.au/ResearchHub/Bragg/Facilities/Instruments/Sika/index.htm


中子小組 謹上
Neutron Group
National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
Tel: +886-3-578-0281 ext. 8208, 7260
E-mail: neutron@nsrrc.org.tw



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